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E-rickshaws are a pretty common means of transportation in India. Earlier, the traditional auto-rickshaws were preferred but that has changed now with the advent of cost-effective and efficient alternatives. The number of E-rickshaw Manufacturers is increasing with the passing time and the widespread demand is the reason behind the same. The electric rickshaws operate on rechargeable batteries that are more nature friendly as compared with any other means of transportation. The low travel fare and minimal maintenance charges are what make them more suitable for general local transportation.

Key Benefits of E-rickshaws

  • Environmental implications:

    E-rickshaws contribute to lowering pollution and noise reduction. Gone are the days when CNG rickshaws were the popular transportation means and were emitting polluted CO2 gas. The e-rickshaws reduce the major CO2 emission in the environment. 

  • Benefits to society:

    E-rickshaw Manufacturers reduce the startup cost of e-rickshaw while keeping it relatively low in comparison to an ICE-based auto-rickshaw. The travel cost also gets lowered with the environmental-friendly e-rickshaws. The cheaper maintenance and operating expenses even open the door to career opportunities for drivers.

  • Supportive policy:

    E-rickshaw manufacturers are receiving support from various government initiatives like National Electric Mobility Mission, National Urban Livelihood Mission, Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojna, and others. Along with this, huge preferences and recognition are going to become more popular. 

  • Speego - Top E-rickshaw Manufacturers In India

    E-rickshaws are achieving huge demand in India because of the growing preference for this mode of transportation. The pace-driven popularity can be seen in any small town or big city. The e-rickshaws are a prominent alternative to regular traditional rickshaws that brings plenty of benefits to both drivers and passengers. Since they contribute to nature’s safety, the government is even promoting and encouraging the usage of e-rickshaws. 

    Speego is a leading E-rickshaw manufacturer in India that brings quality design with efficient workflow. We deal with the entire set of components & spare parts catering to the passenger vehicle industry. The e-rickshaws are precisely designed using high standard components & state-of-the-art technology. We deliver a diverse range of e-rickshaws at affordable prices. Speego mainly focuses on energy-efficient and economical electric vehicles and keeps the running cost as low as possible. The high-quality design-build even possesses a very long life even with minimal maintenance. As compared with the traditional rickshaw, these are much better as compared with nonconventional fuel vehicles. 

    We have a team of experts designers and engineers who emphasize majorly on products quality standards. The incorporation of modern-day technologies and state-of-the-art practices to put a solid foothold in the automotive industry. Our entire range of e-rickshaws is further gone through the quality check during the entire manufacturing process on various parameters. With the perfect blend of high-grade raw materials and skilled expertise, our approach can enhance productivity and performance. Our electronic rickshaws are widespread in the entire nation for catering dependable and comfortable rides. 

    Learn more about E-rickshaw Manufacturers from the website or connect with our experts to get quick consultation. 

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E - Rickshaw Manufacturers in Delhi, India

E - Rickshaw Manufacturers in Delhi, India


SPEEGO VEHICLES CO PVT LIMITED is one of the India's largest E Vehicle company with a Pan India Presence.

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