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E-Rickshaws have already made their mark in the market as the preference is increasing more than ever. While some are choosing to ease the day-to-day transportation, others prefer them because of their environmentally friendly nature. Being pollution free and running on rechargeable batteries, both drivers and citizens are using electric batteries and motors-based vehicles. The ICAT approved e-rickshaws are more in demand as they pass through rigorous tests to ensure their build quality and performance.

ICAT is also referred to as International Centre for Automotive Technology. It is a facility that passes these e-rickshaws under certain tests and approves their build design and performance standards. The labs have every bit of resource to ensure that the drivers and consumers are getting the best from ICAT approved e-rickshaws. The popularity of the e-rickshaws is because of the impressive performance at low cost and maintenance. ICAT puts a stamp on the capability of an electric vehicle to deliver a smooth and soothing ride experience.

Their best feature is being eco-friendly to avoid any sort of pollution chances. However, there are not many companies that can achieve the certification. Speego is one leading brand in the nation that can provide the ICAT certified e-rickshaws.

How can a company grab an ICAT approved e-rickshaw?

There are several steps involved in the process to get ICAT approved e-rickshaw. Speego too has ensured that the entire range of e-rickshaws remains approved by the ICAT before entering the market. Here are the few steps to get the ICAT approval:

  1. In the very first step, you will need to access the ICAT website and register the company. It will require the entire set of proofs and documents along with company information.
  2. It will grant you a username with a password provided by the ICAT. It is the access to the account created on the ICAT portal.
  3. Open a docket to achieve the certification of the vehicles.
  4. Specify the entire range of features and components being used in the vehicles.
  5. In the next step, you need to request ICAT to share the certification. ICAT will even send the invoice to the email address.
  6. Make the full payment as per the invoice and submit the e-rickshaw to team ICAT for further process. ICAT will start white labeling the components and sending the e-rickshaw under specific tests.
  7. Once it gets verified, you will receive an ICAT certification for the electric rickshaw.

With these specific steps, Speego has got its e-rickshaw approved by ICAT. The company doesn’t compromise the vehicle quality and performance. You can find appealing, stylish e-vehicles that are worth every penny. 

Final Word

If you’re looking forward to purchasing an e-rickshaw, Speego is by far the best choice to put your trust and money. The company only sells ICAT approved E-Rickshaws that simply come as an additional benefit and zero worries about the electric vehicle. Get more details from the website or connect with us today for more information.

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E - Rickshaw Manufacturers in Delhi, India

E - Rickshaw Manufacturers in Delhi, India


SPEEGO VEHICLES CO PVT LIMITED is one of the India's largest E Vehicle company with a Pan India Presence.

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Electric Rickshaw Suppliers in Delhi

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