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Speego is one of the leading E-rickshaw manufacturers that deliver an extensive series catering to customers’ demands. We follow a rigorous testing process on quality parameters to ensure the e-rickshaw performance. 

Catering Need of Growing E-rickshaw Demands

Electric rickshaws or e-rickshaws are in surge demand in India in every small or metropolitan city. Being beneficial for both drivers and passengers, even the government is promoting their usage. Speego maintains the bridge of demand & supply and brings the numerous e-rickshaw models & designs manufactured. We are focused to bring revolution with pollution-free and environmentally friendly e-Rickshaws. 

Highly Durable & Affordable E-rickshaw

Gone are the days when the e-rickshaw used to be very costly and hardly accessible in every city. Speego, trustworthy E-rickshaw manufacturers are bringing a cost-effective vehicle with unmatched quality and durability. All our vehicles have surpassed the quality checks and are loaded with innovative features. We understand our responsibility and play a role in empowering low-scale drivers in getting employment with e-rickshaws. Considering the growing population of the country, the need for e-rickshaw is much more than ever it used to be. Speego comes forward to fulfill this surging demand with low-cost and efficient e-rickshaws. 

Efficient E-rickshaws At Your Disposal

We are a modern-day E-rickshaw manufacturers company offering high-powered battery vehicles designed under the expert's supervision. Our vehicles come with efficient use of energy and save money too. They are easily purchased at low cost and need minimal maintenance. Numerous other such aspects make the battery-operated e-rickshaws much better than any other mode of transportation. With the perfect blend of engineering, advancements, wide variety of composite materials, Speego has been able to deliver a boost in performance, weight management, and mileage. If you’re seeking trusted E-rickshaw manufacturers in India, we can be the most ideal and beneficial option. 

Why is Speego E-rickshaw Best For You?

We are a renowned name as E-rickshaw manufacturers in India because of the premium quality designs, unmatched performance, and ultra-low maintenance. Our e-rickshaws are technically making everyone’s life easier. Here are some other prominent benefits of choosing Speego E-rickshaws:

  • Heavy Load Bearing Capacity

    Our approach to designing the durable and strong e-rickshaws allows us to bring the heavy load-bearing capacity. The huge strength with pressure-bearing ability is what makes our solution a handy option. 

  • Environmental Friendly

    We are leading E-rickshaw manufacturers in India to focus on environmental concerns along with the manufacturing processes. We are trained and dedicated to using only nature-friendly products and materials to serve our role in preserving the surrounding. 

  • Energy Efficiency

    Our entire range of e-rickshaws is energy efficient and can provide high performance. The designs are proficient to manage even in the low maintenance and even functions amazingly without any flaw. 

  • Long-service Life

    Our E-rickshaws are known to have a quite long life even in the case of extensive usage in adverse conditions. 

    Learn more about us and e-rickshaws from our website or connect with us to start the discussion. 

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Regd Office :

WZ 25, Bhagwan Dass Nagar Extn., East Punjabi Bagh, Delhi - 110026

Factory Address :

Khasra No. 544, Village Hiran Kudna, Delhi-110041


E - Rickshaw Manufacturers in Delhi, India

E - Rickshaw Manufacturers in Delhi, India


SPEEGO VEHICLES CO PVT LIMITED is one of the India's largest E Vehicle company with a Pan India Presence.

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