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E Rickshaw dealers in Delhi, Dealership at best E Rickshaw price in India. Speego Vehicles co pvt.Ltd is one of the prominent business brands of E Vehicles especially in the domain of E rickshaw dealers in Delhi. Our much revered E rickshaw dealership company headquartered in Delhi enjoys PAN India presence and has won the goodwill of its patrons over a short span of time. In addition to this, we wish to expand and come up with more E vehicle products in near future. Speego Vehicles co pvt.Ltd -the E rickshaw dealers in Delhi not only manufacture but also export E rickshaws including a variety of products of this domain. All the products of this company undergo rigorous qualitative testing. Meeting up with the quality standards is not only essential when the product is finally ready for sale but the quality department makes sure that they arrange for top quality raw material and from the first rate suppliers. Furthermore, regular check-ups are done to ensure that the end products meet the requisite measures of quality and safety norms.

E Rickshaw Price in Delhi

E Rickshaw Price in Delhi, India. Not only are these Speego E vehicles promisingly environment friendly but they are technologically advanced too. Both the CEO's of the company, Mr.Subhash Goel and Mr. Aman Goel, ensure the smooth running of their innovative business along with possess a pool of immensely talented and skilled professionals who aid them in achieving their tasks in an immaculate manner. Speego, our established brand of E rickshaw dealers in Delhi also stand up for the betterment or economic upliftment of the hard working section of our society belonging to the automotive sector.

Speego, vehicles co, the E rickshaw dealers in India are indeed unmatchable when it comes to technology, environment and Corporate Social Responsibility.

In ths competitive arena of business it is very hard to find a Product which can offer a high return on investment for both the seller as well as the buyer.

In India there Are Approximately there are 2 Crore Pedal Rickshaw Which Carry A Passenger load of 10 to 15 crore passengers per day. The Pedal rickshaw as per the government direction are gradually getting obselete since they are harmful for the human health . slow in there speed , low in productivity and against human rights.

Thus india has been witnessing Boom in E Rickshaws & E Carts in the recent time, thanks to the flourishing economy , rise in disposable income and great Support of Govt Machineries . Now india's aspiring poor & lower middle class relate to their dream of buying new rickshaws & Ecarts. There by , wanting to increase its income . enhancing quality of life and in turn offering safe , cost effective , quick last mile connectivity to the traveling public at large.

E Rickshaws & E Carts Are Also The first Step Towards Revolutionizing the indian transport system by offering green & Eco Friendly drive. Since E Rickshaws & e Carts Don't run on Fossil Fuels Like Diesel , Petrol or kerosene , these vehicles don't emit any pollution may it be noise or air. The Goverment is also keenly suporting the E Vehicles projects by making schemes of soft loans, Charging Stations and Easy Licensing.

As Per the Forecast with in next 5 years E Vehicles Will Reduce over all Pollution by 25% And Will Save 500 billion Rupees by using Green Energy

E rickshaw dealers in Delhi

Speego Vehicles Co. Pvt. Ltd.

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WZ 25, Bhagwan Dass Nagar Extn., East Punjabi Bagh, Delhi - 110026

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Khasra No. 544, Village Hiran Kudna, Delhi-110041


E - Rickshaw Manufacturers in Delhi, India

E - Rickshaw Manufacturers in Delhi, India


SPEEGO VEHICLES CO PVT LIMITED is one of the India's largest E Vehicle company with a Pan India Presence.

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